World’s Only All-Elephant Orchestra is Sure to Impress (VIDEO)

August 7th, 2013 by

used cars Cincinnati

The ability for humans to be able to train animals is an amazing one. It takes a rare talent and patience for individuals to train an animal, and it takes highly intelligent animals to be able to execute what it is being taught.  Entire industries have been built on the concept of animals being trained to do “tricks,” and without this ability – places like Sea World and the Westminster Dog Show would not exist. After all, training an Orca whale to jump out of the water on command, does not compare to driving used cars through Cincinnati during a parade.

A recent example of what can come from a human trainer-animal relationship has come out of Thailand. The Thai Elephant Orchestra takes place at a conservation center in the country, which takes in retired work animals that have nowhere to go. A group of elephants have come together and been trained to play percussion instruments, and trumpet along to certain songs. The orchestra was co-founded by Dave Sulzer who is a neuroscientist out of Columbia University. The elephants enjoyed listening to music, so Sulzer decided that they might also like playing it. His team made ergonomic instruments that are giant-sized, making them easier for the elephants to play.

If you think these elephants are just playing for the monkeys, you would be wrong! The Thai Elephant Orchestra has produced three album compilations, and has no plans to stop. The traditional Thai sounding music has these elephants impressing music critics all over the world. Check out the video below to see just how these impressive giants get their groove on.