Where Will Your Spark Take You?

January 5th, 2013 by

The world is a great, wide wonderful place, and all you have to do it go get it. Whether it be adventure, excitement or happiness, you wont find it sitting on the couch. The reality is that the goal isn’t as important as the journey, and we here at McCluskey Automotive, your home for Buy Here Pay Here in Cincinnati, want to tell you the journey is just that much better when you’re in a great car.

One MOFILM filmmaker decided to use his Chevy Spark as a way to take an ordinary day and make it into something special. It’s a great little film and really tells a pretty story. Keep in mind you can find the spark among Used Vehicles in Ohio, so why don’t you take one on a test drive today. After all, you never know what amazing place you might end up at!