Turkey’s Famous… Mustache Implants?

November 6th, 2013 by

turkey's implants

Turkey is a popular vacation destination for many reasons. From the amazing baklava, to the exciting Grand Bazaar where tourists can buy and pay for endless goods at amazing prices. Lately, however, news has been spreading about a different commodity in Turkey. If you are a man who has ever felt down about the lack of oomph you get out of your beard or mustache attempts, Turkey has the solution for that bushier facial look. It isn’t something in the water, but rather clinics that specialize in this task.

It used to be that having a strong mustache was a status symbol amongst the elite classes. Although it has kind of died down as a fashion icon, it is still considered by many as a sign of manhood. In the Eastern world, the mustache is a mark of traditionalism, and having a good one plays a big role in politics. Either way, it is all about masculinity. Intrigued? The procedure is called follicle-hair extraction, and it is simple. Basically, they recycle your own hair by removing hair from hairier areas and implanting them into the mustache or beard area. Fingers crossed for head hair.

All men need to do is show up with a photo of their desired mustache (we’d go with the guy pictured above of course), and just like the ladies at the salon (but much more manly) they go to work on your hair. Not all faces are built equal in terms of varying traits, and thusly not all facial hair requests are good (does this mean the guys on our team can’t all get this mustache?), but thankfully a physician is there to guide you through the process. Careful though, fake clinics have been popping up with the popularity of the actual ones, and these fake physicians are butchering the operation with horrible results! For one reason or another, Turkish men have been known for their mustaches, so it is no wonder that their country is the home of such a process. Men are flying from all over to get the facial hair of their dreams, so guys, what are you waiting for!?