The Top Advantages of Buy Here Pay Here in Louisville

February 8th, 2019 by

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If you’ve been turned away from traditional financing due to poor credit, you may want to consider what buy here pay here in Louisville has to offer. BHPH from a reputable dealership can help get you into a safe and reliable vehicle under loan terms that you’re comfortable with. Drivers who receive their BHPH loan through a reputable dealership may even be able to repair and build their credit with on-time payments. In addition, drivers will be able to cultivate a relationship with their local BHPH dealer, making it easy to upgrade their vehicle in the future. However, there’s a lot more to know about buy here pay here financing before getting started. At McCluskey Auto, we are proud to serve as the top choice for drivers looking for buy here pay here in Louisville and we believe in offering every resource possible to our customers. So, here’s what you need to know about BHPH financing and choosing the right dealership for you!

What is Buy Here Pay Here Financing?

So, what exactly is buy here pay here financing? At first, many drivers wonder how dealerships can possibly provide such a flexible and credit-accepting program to drivers with less than ideal credit histories. However, the program is really quite simple. Instead of a bank or major lender providing you with an auto loan, a BHPH dealer provides the funds and takes on the risk itself. For this reason, the dealership is able to provide auto loans for drivers with riskier credit scores and work with them closely to ensure that they are able to make payments and improve their credit. Drivers who choose to take advantage of a BHPH loan will make their payments directly to the dealership and refer to them for any questions or concerns. In order to keep your payments low and allow the dealer to take the risk in a safe way, you’re loan may result in a relatively higher interest rate, however, for many drivers this is an acceptable factor of the BHPH process as they would otherwise not be able to receive financing for a vehicle at all. Drivers utilizing a buy here pay here in Louisville program will often have a variety of used, but reliable, vehicles to choose from at their BHPH dealer.

Who is Buy Here Pay Here Financing For?

Now that you know what buy here pay here financing is, you may be wondering if its an appropriate option for your needs. Here are a few reasons a BHPH program might be the right option for you:

  • You Have Poor or Low Credit
  • You’ve Been Turned Down for Traditional Financing
  • You’re Looking to Repair Your Credit Score
  • You Need to Get Into a Reliable Vehicle ASAP

Overall, a buy here pay here program is a financing solution for drivers that would otherwise be rejected for a traditional loan due to poor credit. If you are still not certain whether or not BHPH is the correct financing option for you, feel free to contact McCluskey Auto to discuss our available options.

Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here in Louisville

Due to its many advantages, buy here pay here financing has become an increasingly popular option for drivers with poor credit. However, you may still be wondering whether or not this is a suitable and beneficial option for your needs and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the key advantages of buy here pay here in Louisville.

Financing for Poor Credit

Of course, the main benefit of buy here pay here is that it provides a financing solution to drivers with poor credit. Many drivers with low credit are turned away from dealerships that offer only traditional auto loans, or are pushed into lower quality vehicles that are prone to costly repairs in the future. However, a reputable dealership that offers flexible financing solutions, like buy here pay here, will be able to offer loans that work with your budget and income. Many BHPH dealers also offer their customers a wide selection of vehicles to choose from under this program and will work to ensure that you end up in a safe and reliable vehicle. With BHPH dealers in Louisville, you won’t have to worry about the stress of getting approved for financing as they are experts in securing financing for all types of credit histories and budgets.  

Credit Score Repair

A graphic of a man repairing his credit with Buy Here Pay Here Louisville

If the BHPH dealer you choose reports your payments to one of the major credit bureaus, and you continually make on-time payments, you’ll eventually start to repair your credit. For many drivers with poor credit, a BHPH loan can be the key to repairing their credit and getting approved for traditional loans in the future. This can make it easy for drivers to upgrade their vehicle in the future and even secure other types of loans with ease.  

Direct Relationship With Your Dealer

Drivers who choose to take advantage of a buy here pay here program in Louisville will be receiving their loan directly through their dealership. This means that you’ll likely be working very closely with your BHPH when it comes to making payments and discussing your goals for the pay-off of your loan. For many drivers this is an important part of the BHPH process. Working with the representatives at your dealership can offer more flexibility and a more personalized experience compared to working with the bank or major lender of a traditional auto loan. Drivers can easily visit or call their BHPH dealer, inquire about their loan terms, and build a relationship with the dealership they plan to purchase future vehicles from.

Finding a Reputable Buy Here Pay Here Dealer

However, not all BHPH dealers are the same. When it comes time to look into buy here pay here in Louisville you’ll want to ask yourself a few key questions about the dealerships you have in mind:

  • Do they report payments to a major credit bureau?
  • Do they have a wide selection of vehicles available under their BHPH program?
  • Are the staff members of the dealership kind, knowledgeable, and trustworthy?
  • Does the BHPH dealer have positive reviews from customers who have used this financing program?
  • Does the dealership have vehicles you’d be interested in upgrading to in the future?
  • Is there an available parts and service center on-site at the dealership?

If the dealership you’re interested in proceeding with doesn’t meet any of these qualifications, you may want to look elsewhere. After all, you’ll be making your payments directly to the dealership and will regular contact with them in the event of any questions or concerns.

Interested in BHPH Financing? Visit McCluskey Auto!

At McCluskey Auto, we are proud to serve as one of the best buy here pay here dealers in Louisville. No matter how low your credit is, we’ll help you secure a BHPH loan that suits your budget, needs, and lifestyle. Our buy here pay here financing is incredibly flexible and built to help you repair your credit through on-time payments. And when it’s time to select your vehicle, we won’t put you in an unsafe vehicle. At McCluskey Auto, we believe that everyone deserves to drive a reliable and high-quality vehicle, and we’ll ensure that our BHPH customers end up in exactly that. Taking advantage of buy here pay here in Louisville may seem intimidating, but at McCluskey Auto we make it an easy, comfortable, and efficient experience. If you have any questions about our buy here pay here program or would like to take the first steps in securing your auto loan, give us a call at McCluskey Auto today!