Song Stuck in Your Head?

February 16th, 2013 by

song stuck in headWe’ve all had those days when we get songs stick firmly in our brain. Usually it’s something you don’t even like, it was just on the radio or over the loudspeakers at the grocery store and now your stuck with it. What’s the longest you’ve ever had a single song stuck in your head? Let us here at McCluskey Automotive, your home for Buy Here Pay Here in Cincinnati, tell you about one crazy case. 

A 63-year-old British woman named Susan Root claims to have had the same song stuck in her head for over three years. The song is the children’s classic “How Much is That Doggie in the Window.” We here at Used Vehicles in Ohio can’t think of many songs more torturous.

Apparently Susan suffers from a form of tinnitus known as musical hallucination. The song isn’t just stuck in her head. she’s actually still hearing it in her ears.

“It’s like having a radio that you just can’t turn off,” Root said. “I began hearing tunes in my ears three years ago and it just has not stopped since…I’ve come to accept that I’m probably going to be stuck with this hellish condition for the rest of my life,” Root said.

The doctor on the case, music psychologist Vicky Williams told the BBC that there doesn’t seem to be a pattern among the songs that people get caught in their heads.

“When I had 1,000 earworm songs in my database, there were only about half a dozen or so that had been named more than once – that’s how heterogeneous the response was,” Williamson said. “It’s a very individual phenomenon.”