Roadkill Builds Crazy-Cheap ’68 Charger

December 28th, 2013 by

Roadkill guys worked with a 68 Charger

This is something you most certainly won’t be seeing in our Buy Here Pay Here lot in Cincinnati, and that is the way it should be. That being said, this thing is pretty awesome. If you were to ask someone to describe this thing it would simply just be impossible. It is definitely one of those “you have to see if for yourself,” kinds of things! It is in the latest episode of Roadkill, where Messr’s Freiburger and Finnegan dig out this 1968 Dodge Charger that Freiburger had acquired in exchange for a set of cylinder heads. They originally intended to stuff it with the big-block motor from a long-bed, three-quarter ton Dodge pickup, but things didn’t quite go as planned.

The pickup was just in far too good of a condition to warrant it being torn apart, and the Charger really needed a whole lot more love to get things going. This is right about the time when the motorhome hiding in the corner would beep its horn to say “hey, what about me?!” Well, Mr. Class A Dodge Pace Arrow motorhome with the 440 big-block that they purchased for only $1,000, you’d be the perfect candidate! That and a retired Plymouth Fury would do the trick nicely. Below we have the entire [awesome] 40-minute episode, and there is more yanking, cutting, leaking, smoking, and stalling than you could even realistically ask for. A lot of funky stuff went down, but the payoff of the end product was well worth it! That’s the best we can do, so why don’t you watch the episode of Roadkill since you “have to see it for yourself!”