Rhode Island man sues church for his failed marriage

September 11th, 2013 by

buy here pay her

People have been filing lawsuits against one another for as long as anyone can remember. The concept of suing someone has been useful and necessary at times, but people seem to take things too far. We have all heard of the ridiculous lawsuits that have made news for their extreme lunacy, and even crazier is the news they make when the person suing wins. For example, not too long ago a woman who spilled hot coffee on herself from McDonald’s sued the corporation for not labeling the coffee as “hot,” and she won. Since the art of suing over non-issues has become popularized, TV commercial lawyers have been lining the streets with slogans like, “buy here pay here!” So when a man from Rhode Island filed a lawsuit against a church, we were intrigued.

John Devaney is claiming that the local Catholic Church’s loud bells were the reason for his divorce. He claims that the bells sounded at least 700 times a week, and ultimately led to his marriage failing. Devaney acknowledges tension in his marriage, but places all the blame for that tension on the incessant ringing of the church bells. Devaney has not been silent about his finger-pointing, and says that he hopes his lawsuit will silence the bells once and for all. Saint Thomas More Parish is the church on the receiving end of the lawsuit, and issued a statement saying that, “The parish community is saddened that a sole individual would continue personal, inappropriate attacks harassing visitors, worshipers, and staff.” It continued on to say that they will pray for peace and understanding.

It is unclear if his lawsuit will hold up in court, but it seems to us that people have won lawsuits over much less ridiculous claims.