Rare “Zonkey” Born in Italy

July 31st, 2013 by

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We absolutely love animals. From small furry babies, to massive intimidating predators, there is something about animals that has intrigued the human species since the dawn of time. If this wasn’t true, zoos and aquariums across the world would cease to exist, and household pets would be a rarity. Instead, there are thousands of zoos and aquariums throughout the world, and currently the options for what type of  household pet a family would like is enormous.  It is no wonder that animals frequently make the headlines, especially when it comes to being undeniably cute, and rare. Cincinnati used cars is not one to dismiss the appeal of our furry counterparts, and love that new and exciting species are still being created.

In an Italian animal reserve in Florence, a half zebra, half donkey calf was born this month. The reserve has dubbed the cute creature a “zonkey” and is named Ippo. The rare animal is not the first, as a zonkey was born in 2010 at the Chesatatee Wildlife Preserve in Georgia. Ippo’s parents, a male zebra and a female donkey were brought to the same reserve after the zebra was rescued form a failing zoo. A fence separated the animals, but that was not going to stop the zebra from true love. The striped male hopped the fence to mate with Ippo’s mother – and it is reported that Ippo is the only zonkey in all of Italy.

Ippo is reported to be in good health, and from the picture we can tell that he has absolutely no problem in the cute department!