Man Makes His Own Formula One Car

April 20th, 2013 by

McCluskey Automotive Homemade Car

Have you ever wanted to drive a Formula One car? Most people who have watched a Formula One race would like to at least try it. Driving is fun, driving fast is REALLY fun, so driving one of the fastest and most maneuverable cars in existence must be the MOST fun, right? Sure, they cost ungodly amounts of money, but that’s no problem if you have some talent and determination. Let us here at McCluskey Automotive, your home for Cincinnati Ohio used cars, tell you about it.

Miso Kuzmanovic wanted nothing more than to drive Formula One, but he just couldn’t afford it. That’s when he decided to make his own! He spent about $30,000, which is a lot for a car but very, very cheap for Formula One. Let us here at buy here pay here Ohio tell you how he pieced it together.

First, he bought a Volkswagen engine, a good base to start with. For the bulk of the body of the car, like the frame and the exterior, he built them himself in his workshop! He had a crew of buddy volunteers who helped him paint and make it look pristine on the outside, and then he turned to finishing the inside. After about 1,000 hours, he had his very own drivable Formula One Car !

Sure it doesn’t get all the way up to REAL Forumula One speeds, but it’s still pretty awesome!