Low mileage auction of vintage chevy models to take place next month

August 21st, 2013 by

used cars Cincinnati

Finding classic cars in excellent condition is a rarity in this day. Finding a classic car in excellent condition with low mileage, is close to impossible. You could spend months sifting through all of the used cars in Cincinnati and still not come across such a gem. One Nebraska Chevrolet dealership is breaking the mold, and making the impossible, very possible.

Ray Lambrecht closed down his Chevrolet dealership in a small Nebraska town nearly seventeen years ago, and until now – the dealership has sat untouched. On top of the cars that have been preserved at the dealership itself, Lambrecht also took to collecting the cars and trucks that he was unable to sell at his farm, and in warehouses he rented throughout the city he lived and worked in for 50 years. Lambrecht and his wife, both in their mid nineties have recently experienced a decline in their health, and have decided to sell their treasured automobiles at auction that will take place next month. Thousands of car collectors and enthusiasts will attend the auction from over a dozen countries, in hopes of owning one of the 500 vehicles Lambrecht kept perfectly preserved.

Yvette VanDerBrink is the coordinating auctioneer for the event, and says that, “To find this many new, old vehicles is unheard of. It’s like a white buffalo.” Two of the cars that will be put up for auction that have only one mile on their odometer are a 1960 Corvair Monza and a 1959 Bel Air. These older models, with practically zero miles on them, are likely to fetch a very high price at auction.

The auction will take place September 28-29, starting at 9:30am in Pierce, Nebraska.