Lambrecht auto auction truck still runs, after 20 years

October 26th, 2013 by

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For most people, buying used cars  is the way to go. While they may have been broken in by their previous owner, the lowered cost simply cannot be beat. They say that as soon as new cars are driven off the lot they begin to lose value, but that isn’t always the case. The Lambrecht Auto Auction which garnered worldwide attention took place in Pierce, Nebraska last month, and the number of buyers that flocked to the rare auction was abundant. The story behind the auction that featured many vintage Chevrolet cars and trucks with little to no miles on their odometers, is that Ray Lambrecht was the owner of a Chevrolet dealership. When he closed his doors back in the eighties, he kept the cars that did not sell – and they sat until the auction. While many critics predicted that the old cars would not run after sitting for more than twenty years, the people who bought the cars are proving them wrong.

Jeff Rynearson of Lorimor, Iowa, snagged a 1980 Chevrolet C10 pickup from the auction, for only $1,600. Upon unloading his find from the trailer that transported it from Nebraska, Rynearson simply put a new battery and some gas in the relic, and it started right up. The truck, which was originally bought and later traded back to Lambrecht Chevrolet, sat parked since 1988 with 48,264 miles on it. The first time the pickup had even been opened was when Rynearson’s twelve-year-old son put the key in the door after his dad won it at auction.

The family reports that the C10 is currently spending it’s elder years on a farm where it has been free to roam the countryside.

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