Financial Struggles of Everyday Living and How Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships May Be Your Salvation

July 27th, 2018 by

Buy Here Pay Here

Life is grand when you have the money to spend on beautiful vacations in the sun, a newly remodeled kitchen with a gorgeous granite countertop, and a weekly trip to an organic market, but sadly that type of financial security is just a dream for the majority of hardworking residents of Dayton, Ohio. Luckily though, there is one luxury item that with the help of Buy Here Pay Here financing anyone can invest in, and that’s a new ride.


Why Are We Struggling Financially?

The simple fact is that in the United States once you start to falter financially, it only becomes more difficult to stand up again. Think of it this way:

Jim has been feeling extremely weak and dizzy lately, but no matter how much money he moves around he just can’t afford to miss work or afford to see a doctor. He goes to work every day which only worsens his condition, and a week later he wakes up unable to move and is forced into going to the hospital by his wife. He finds out he now has a severe condition that will continue to cause him more and more pain in addition to the burden of the hospital bill. This is all because Jim was financially unable to miss work or go to the doctors earlier so now he is struggling even more.

The point here is that financial struggling only breeds worse struggling, in the long run, causing a vicious cycle of debt and pain. It’s called ‘poor debt’, and it is very real.

As for those that are barely managing to keep up with their many financial burdens, there will always be a new expense that seems to pop up the second you start to have the money to pay for it, making this a no-win situation.


What are the Financial Burdens?

Financial burdens are everywhere we look, and even in the sweet and homely city of Dayton, Ohio we have to face them. Here are just a few of the basic financial burdens of everyday living:



Housing will always be the largest of your burdens taking about 30% of your income month. Even just living with a roommate in an apartment these days will cost you a big piece of the pie, and it’s only getting more pricey each year. That being said, you can’t exactly go without shelter, so this is just a cost we have to budget and prepare for.



Speaking of eating, food will take 15% of your monthly income whether you choose to cook yourself or eat out, this will still be a hefty expense that only increases with the more mouths you have to feed.



Utilities are another essential financial burden unless you don’t like having clean water and lights. This usually accounts for 10% of most people’s monthly salary.



Whether it’s because of a school loan, a business loan, or you have a credit card or two, there will usually be some form of debt that you need to pay back. This is more difficult to measure since its more subjective, but on average this also takes up about 10% of your income.


Clothing and Entertainment

These are more flexible burdens, but it is a burden nonetheless. In this day and age, it seems like living without a cell phone or internet is equal to living without water, and clothing is an essential part of being a respectable worker and member of society. Together you will more often than not spend about 10% monthly on these items.



Savings are essential, and just so the people in the back can hear me SAVINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. At least 5% of your pay should be going into your savings so that you will not fall into the trap of the poor debt when something unfortunate occurs like with Jim.

Now already 80% of your monthly payment is gone with the wind, and we haven’t even discussed transportation, but lucky for you, dealerships with Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) financing will make it one of the lighter burdens on the list.


What Does Buy Here Pay Here Mean?

Buy Here Pay Here is generally what you would call a financing system put into place by dealerships in order to allow those with unappealing credit scores to purchase a car of their own. They also will not often ask for much in terms of down payments because they plan on making their money from the interest of your vehicle payments. This means that even if you are struggling financially at the moment, a BHPH dealership will make sure that you are still respected and served. While this service comes with a price, a higher interest rate, it does offer a level of flexibility that traditional banks or credit unions just can’t match.


Why Buy Here Pay Here Helps?

There are many ways a Buy Here Pay Here dealership can assist those in sudden need of transportation, but here are the few key points:

  • They do not care about credit or credit history
  • They do not care about down payments
  • They are more flexible with the amount they will finance


Who Can Offer Financial Salvation?

At McCluskey Auto, we believe that owning a vehicle of your own is not a privilege, it’s a right. This is a vast, beautiful, and often busy world we live in, and it was meant to be experienced. Financing should never be the thing that holds you back from breaking free from a stagnant environment and feeling independent and whole again. Next time you are struggling with financing, or just want a dealership that understands that struggle, check out McCluskey Auto and see what we have to offer for Buy Here Pay Here in Dayton, Ohio.