Expensive Toilet Stolen!

April 10th, 2013 by

Stolen Toilet


People steal a lot of strange things, but we’ve never heard of ANYONE stealing a toilet, at least not until today. Apparently, there was a major toilet theft that has an entire country concerned! Let us here at McCluskey Automotive, your home for used cars Cincinnati trusts, tell you all about this porcelain heist.

It happened in Kyoto, Japan. Someone in the public works department had the bright idea of installing a high-tech toilet in a public bathroom. The throne was valued at over $3,000, so it’s not THAT surprising someone decided to try and liberate it. Still, we here at buy here pay here Cincinnati have to imagine there are cleaner items they could have went for.

“I’ve got to admit that it’s the first time I’ve heard of the theft of an entire toilet,” a Kyoto official told RocketNews24.com. “It usually stops at a bit of vandalism, but the unit itself… Why someone would do such a thing is completely baffling.”

What do you think about this crime? Is it the cities fault for installing such a valuable item where there are no security measures in place, or should humans be able to provide courtesy toilets for other humans without fear of them being stolen?