Cruze with Your Future In-Laws!

January 30th, 2013 by

There are few situations every man must face that are more stressful than meeting your girlfriend’s father. He is already of the mind that no one is good enough for his baby girl, and you have to fight that uphill battle to prove yourself. The whole meeting you feel like your under a microscope. Even if he is the friendliest guy in the world, the vibe of the situation is still, “That is my princess, and who the heck are you?” Luckily, McCluskey Automotive, your home for Cincinnati Ohio Used Cars, has a secret weapon for you.

That weapon is the Chevrolet Cruze! Don’t believe us? The Cruze is not just one of the most popular Used Cars in Cincinnati Ohio, it’s a safe, reliable vehicle that shows you’re a safe reliable man. Well, at least according to one Chevy MOFILM entry. The third place winner, Sean Cunningham, tells the story in his short entitled, “Holiday.”