Chinese zoo places dog in cage and calls it a lion

August 17th, 2013 by

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When someone attends an unfamiliar event, or visits a place they have never been, they count on the people who have been there before, or who are running the show. They need the experienced attendees to explain the situation, and they can generally be trusted with the information they give. For example, if you were looking for a used car in Cincinnati,  you would go to a local dealership and expect that the employees would tell you about the car to the very best of the knowledge. They are the experts, while you are the inquiring customer. In most situations, a person can trust that the information they are getting is correct and accurate, but unfortunately it does not always happen that way.

One zoo in China failed their visitors by placing an animal in a cage that did not belong. The zoo-goers trusted the People’s Park of Luohe to provide them with accurate descriptions of the animals they saw, but when it came to the African Lion exhibit – that was not the case. The zoo placed a Tibetan Mastiff in the cage marked “African Lion.” When the popular breed of canine began barking, the jig was up. After being found out, and publicly chastised on Twitter, the zoo released an official statement saying that, “The African lions will be back. They went to another zoo to breed.” Even so, the fact that the zoo tried to trick its patrons into believing a dog with a fluffy head and long tail was a lion, is quite insulting.

The moral of the story? Just because someone tells you its a mouse, doesn’t mean it’s not a gerbil, or a rat for that matter.