Chica The Blind Dog Plays Fetch in this Video

July 24th, 2013 by

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There are a lot of amazing things that have made the rounds on the internet in recent years. With the invention of cell-phone cameras, YouTube, and the desire to get “likes,” amazing homemade videos seem to be a constant occurrence on the world wide web. People have long been fascinated with animals, and the amazing things they can do. You can type “cat” into YouTube and the result is hundreds upon hundreds of videos of feline friends that have been recorded doing rather ordinary things. There is something about an animal that makes whatever they do seem special in some way. One dog in Indiana has made the rounds on YouTube and other websites recently, but for very good reason. Your used cars in Cincinnati loved seeing that a dog with  no ones has not been deterred from living his canine life to the fullest.

Chica is a Border Collie from Indiana, who tragically lost her eyes when she was just a puppy. Despite her handicap, Chica has lived her life like any other dog. She runs freely around the farm she lives on, jumps into her owner’s pickup when she wants to go for a ride, and even has mastered the art of fetch. That’s right…a completely blind dog that plays fetch. Chica chases a basketball around her yard and uses her nose to push it with ease back to her owners. Chica’s behavior has her owners and experts at Purdue University baffled.

Martha and Buddy Knox, Chica’s owners, are fascinated by the adaptability Chica has demonstrated. “I don’t understand it at all. She runs every place she goes. It’s almost like she has radar,” Martha Knox recently commented. Check out the video below and see for yourself just how well Chica lives with her disability.