Chevrolet Remains Shining Star of Next Transformers Movie

April 19th, 2014 by

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This summer marks the season of mindless blockbuster movies. You know, the kind that keep us on the edge of our seat, and are endlessly entertaining. Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is hitting theaters June 27, and is bringing back the iconic Chevrolet stars to the big screen. Among those stars is the Corvette Stingray which transforms into Autobot Crosshairs, as well as a new Trax, and a Sonic. The big star of the movie is the Camaro which converts into Bumblee, and is made from two specially built Camaros made just for the movie: a vintage 1967 Camaro SS (heavily modified, of course), and a futuristic Camaro concept. Tim Mahoney is the Chief Marketing Officer for Global Chevrolet, and said that, “The Transformers movies have been a great partnership for Chevrolet by allowing us to introduce our vehicles to new fans, young and old, around the world. Now for the fourth time, you’ll see a Camaro as a heroic Autobot, a fitting role for one of the stars of Chevrolet’s lineup.”

We most definitely approve, what do you think?


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