Bulldog Skateboarding Sensation Inspires A Skateboarding School for Dogs

July 17th, 2013 by

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When scrolling through the digital TV-Guide on my cable provider’s menu, I am always shocked by some of the television show names that pop up. It seems that someone along the line has figured out that there is quite literally a market out there for EVERYTHING. From fishing with your hands in the deep wetlands of the south, to watching folks auction off their storage locker items, to a show simply called “Too Cute” which features puppies and kittens romping around for your viewing pleasure. More and more shows about dogs seem to be popping up every time I scroll through my guide, with stations like Animal Planet that are producing such shows. It is without question that Americans love their canine counterparts, and some would do anything to make them happy. While auto dealerships in Cincinnati Ohio can’t take credit for thinking up ways to teach old dogs new tricks, a man in Peru is planning to do just that with skateboarding school for dogs.

Ivan Juscamaita of Peru, has decided that there is not only interest, but a market for teaching dogs how to skateboard – and he plans on cashing in on this revelation. Juscamaita’s talented Bulldog Biuf – who has his own Facebook page and following – is an avid skateboard enthusiast and regularly meets up with his pals for some parking lot practice. These spontaneous training sessions got Biuf’s owner convinced that he should expand and offer official classes to those interested in teaching their dogs this impressive skill.

Juscamaita hopes to open a skateboarding school for dogs, and has committed any profits from his new venture to go to local dog shelters. Check out the video below to see Biuf skateboarding with his pals!