Band Uses 2014 Impala to Record Music Video

July 27th, 2013 by

cars Cincinnati

Bands seem to be getting more and more creative when it comes to writing their music, and creating it. While the initial music-video craze that MTV made famous in the early eighties has died down, some bands are making it their focus to bring back the creativity and innovation that music videos once encompassed. When most people sing in their cars, they do it with the windows up, and with the rest of the car empty – but cars Cincinnati found one band member who did pretty much the opposite.

Frankie Turner is lead singer of The Gentlemen Mutineers, a Detroit-based rock band. Most recently, Turner and his band utilized the all new 2014 Chevrolet Impala as a “mobile studio” to record an “Impala Mix” of their song, “Detroit Throttle.” The now-famous quiet cab of the 2014 Impala was the perfect place to record lyrics, harmonica, and trombone tracks all while driving through the bustling city which was noisy with construction, and a Detroit Tigers game at the time of the recording. The song was recorded by a sound engineer on a laptop who raved about the impressively quiet Impala, “I am amazed at how quiet the Impala is. It was important that we wouldn’t hear background noise while recording, and with all that was going on outside the car, I am astounded that we couldn’t hear any of it. The Impala rocks.”

The band can thank the Impala’s noise-cancelling technology which comes standard on the new model. It also uses a mix of sound-absorbing and sound-buffering materials to help minimize the sounds from the road, wind, and engine. If you are skeptical at just how quiet the new Impala’s ride truly is, check out the band’s video below and make the judgement for yourself.