America’s Oldest Fridge Still Works

July 10th, 2013 by

car dealerships in Cincinnati OHWhen purchasing new appliances, I always make sure to do my research. It seems that in today’s world, things are made to break, and break they will. I especially find this to be more accurate when I spend more money. If I buy a $1000 TV, I better get the protection plan, because it will inevitably break…and as expected, it does. The same thing goes with the slew of new kitchen appliances I purchased last year, and that protection plan has already come in handy more than once. Just like a warranty on a car at car dealerships in Cincinnati OH, protecting larger purchases can never hurt.

General Electic, or GE is known for producing multitudes of products, most notably, large appliances. My current fridge is a GE, and I love it. Another pair of happy GE fridge owners are Mark Vail and Jane Galyean from Montgomery, N.Y. Cincinnati used cars wants to know what is so special about their GE refrigerator. Well, experts think that it just may be the oldest fridge in the United States. The 85 year old working refrigerator unit was originally purchased for $300, the equivalent to $4,225 today. Even in today’s market, paying that much for a fridge is considered rather expensive. The unit was thought to first be purchased between 1929 and 1931, and it would be quite an understatement to say that the buyers got what they paid for.

While my GE fridge is only a few years old, and cost no where near $4,000 – I can only hope that its life expectancy meets even a quarter of the oldest refrigerator in America’s age.