5 Reasons the Chevy Cruze is the Best City Car


2012 Chevrolet Cruze RS


If you’ve been searching tirelessly like us for the perfect city car, you might know that the hunt can be overwhelming and, at times, a bit confusing. Plenty of city-ready cars exist out there, but each seems to be lacking in one way or another – either it’s small enough to maneuver easily around traffic but not powerful enough to handle serious highway driving, or it’s got plenty of power but none of the space-saving benefits of a compact. For many urban drivers, this can be more of a nightmare than driving around the city itself – at least, that is, until the Chevy Cruze came along.

Whether you’re a fan of the very first model year or the most recent, a used Chevy Cruze is an excellent model for city drivers looking for the best in what a city car has to offer with a wallet-friendly price. Built to be lean, mean, and a sporty little machine, the Cruze may very well be the ultimate city car for those drivers who can’t settle for second best.

Whether you’ve been looking for a city car for a long time or have just moved to the urban sprawl and need better transportation than the bus or subway, a used Chevy Cruze is likely the best option you’ll find for your money. Here’s a quick look at the top five reasons the Chevy Cruze is our pick for best city vehicle, and why it’s worth it for you to check out one of these impressive compacts next time you need to get around town in style.


It’s Small Enough To Fit Anywhere


2012 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ


Take a spin in a Chevy Cruze and you’ll notice how deceptively small it really is – only 181 inches long from bumper to bumper, and yet with enough space to comfortably fit up to five plus a sizable amount of cargo. That means you’ll be able to fit into just about any parking space or tight alley you might need – from impossibly small parallel parking spots to those tight corners that draw the ire of many city drivers. And since it’s a compact, you’ll likely get to park in those “Compact Cars Only” spots in parking garages – a privilege granted only to those city drivers smart enough to think small for their vehicle.


It’s Efficient In The City And On The Highway


Chevrolet Cruze LT drives in Haymarket, Virginia (Photo by Mark Finkenstaedt for Chevrolet)


Part of what makes the Cruze such an enjoyable city car is its efficiency, which extends from city to highway with a fuel economy up to 28 miles per gallon city and a whopping 42 miles per gallon highway in the hyper-efficient ECO trim. This means you’ll be able to take on everything from the rush hour crawl to the long drive down the shore with little to no problem – and far fewer stops at the pump to fill up. If you’ve ever experienced the joy of a truly efficient car cruising past gas station after gas station, you know just how valuable a car like the Cruze can be for your wallet in the long run.


Built For Fun Night Cruising

If there’s one time of day that’s arguably the best for using your vehicle in the city, it’s nighttime – especially when that involves a fun cruise through town blasting your favorite music for you and your passengers to enjoy. The Cruze more than delivers as a night cruiser as well as a day car, bringing an available Chevy MyLink infotainment system to let you take all your favorite music with you. Auxiliary audio connections, 12-Volt rear outlets, and a premium 6-speaker audio system lets you pump the jams wherever you might find yourself – just don’t be surprised when you get some envious looks from those you leave in awe as you pass by.


Safe Enough For The Urban Jungle


Interior available on 2LT and LTZ


If there’s anything that the Cruze does reliably it’s protect its passengers. That’s because Chevy is committed to constructing vehicles that feature the best in modern safety technology, and a city-oriented cruiser like the Cruze is no exception. Advanced front and side airbags, child safety locks, a theft-deterrent engine immobilizer, and advanced seatbelts are ready to step in in case anything does happen on the road, and preventative safety features like traction control, electronic brake force distribution, and four-wheel antilock brakes help keep accidents from happening in the first place. Put your trust in your Cruze and you’ll be in good hands, all thanks to a dedication to safety over at Chevy.


Plenty Of Power For Weekend Getaways


2014 Chevrolet Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel


Of course, as nice as it is to zip around the city in style and comfort, it’s always important to get out of the city once and a while – and when you do decide to get away, the Cruze will be the best option to get you there. A powerful 1.4-liter inline 4 engine offers up to 138 horsepower and 148 lb.-ft. of torque for total performance power on the streets or on the highway, and a maximum towing capacity of up to 1,000 lbs means you’ll be able to take along just about anything you need to make your vacation great. Plus, with a highway range of over 590 miles on a single tank, you can just about make it anywhere and back without spending a fortune to do it. And since the Cruze boasts up to 15.4 cubic feet of cargo space, you can fit just about anything you need in the cabin for easy transport on your way to your destination.


Check Out A Used Cruze For Yourself Today

Whether you’re a longtime Chevy fan or simply looking for a quality used vehicle that can handle your busy urban lifestyle, the Chevy Cruze is simply built to be the vehicle you need. Small, powerful, and devilishly efficient, the Cruze may just take the crown for best city car we’ve ever seen – and with just one test drive, we think you might be apt to agree. Check one out at a Chevy dealer near you today and see for yourself just what the Cruze can offer, and don’t be surprised to find yourself wanting one of your very own.